Fresher’s Day

The second year students of our institute gave a warm welcome to the freshers on 25.07.2012. They tried their level best to entertain the first year students with colourful and nerve-racking dance.This helped the freshers to chisel out their fear and hesitation in the new atmosphere.

Yoga Practice:

The second year students of our institute are undergoing Yoga practice for 12 weeks during this academic year. The opening day for Yoga Practice was celebrated on 28.07.2012.

Independence Day

The Independence Day was celebrated on 15th August to cherish the victorious moments of the past. Our Correspondent Mrs.R.Jessie Joyson hoisted the flag. Our students performed various activities to induce patriotic feelings in the minds of the viewers.

Gandhi Jeyanthi

Gandhi Jeyanthi was celebrated in our institute on 02-09-2012. The founder of Margoschis Sevai Mandam, Mr.Vetharaj conducted many competitions and distributed prizes to the winners.

Teachers Day

As teachers are highly rewarded since ancient times,our students celebrated the Teachers Day in our institute on 05-09-2013 to honour their teachers. They expressed their sincere gratitude to their teachers for their laudable service by performing various cultural programmes.

Shalom Family Enrichment Programme:

Shalom Family Enrichment Programme was organized in our institute by a team of members from Chennai on 29-09-2012.They conducted a seminar to develop self confidence among our students.

Medical Camp:

Medical Camp was conducted in our institute for two days 29-09-2012 and 30-09-2012respectively. Our Principal Mrs.S.Lydia Gracemani inaugurated the camp. Dr.Umayapathi conducted medical check up. All the students participated in the camp.

Hostel Day:

Our Hostel is ‘a home away from home ’ for our students. So the Hostel Day was celebrated on 11-10.2012 with great pleasure and happiness .It will be cherished in their minds forever.

Youth For Christ Programme:

Our students participated in the “Youth for Christ programme” which was conducted on 12-10-2012 and won many prizes in the events conducted by them.

Chapel Day:

Chapel Day was celebrated in our School chapel by the Students, Teachers and Non-teaching staff who are working in all the three institutions in this campus.

World Aids Day:

World AIDS Day was celebrated in our institute on 01-12-2012. The students as well as the staff took an oath to create a world without AIDS.

Guide’s Camp:

Guide’s camp was conducted on 17-12-2012 in the premises of the institute .Mr.Selvaraj as wella as Mr.Athisayaraj the well qualified Guides Masters organized the camp. They initiated service mind in the minds of the students to serve the sick,poor and downtrodden of the country.All the students of our institute participated in all the activities enthusiastically. It was really a memorable experience for them.