Annual Report

‘The Lord hath done great things for us; Where here of we are glad.’

If the Tuticorin-Nazareth Diocese can pride itself on one educational institute which has carved a niche for itself on one educational standards and glorious traditions since its inception in the later part of the 18th century it is St.John’s Teacher Training Institute ,nestled in the lap of mother nature in the heart of Nazareth which has rapidly emerged as the ‘Oxford’ of the South Tamilnadu.

In 1956,the Secondary Grade Training School was started with a Model School attached to it. Then the Secondary Grade Training School became a separate School functioning in a separate place. In 1957 it became a Basic Training School. Since 1973 the school has been training candidates for Diploma in Teacher Education. Now the total intake of students is 100 per year.

Strength of the Institute

The institute which was founded with 18 students in 1877 by Rev.Margoschis grew by leaps and bounds into a premier Institution attracting students from far and near. Now there are 180 students of which 84 first year students in two sections and 96 second year students in two sections including the students selected by the single window system.

This institute has been continuously blessed with devoted teachers who have a keen sense of duty and inexhaustible capacity for hard work leaving no stone unturned and working round the clock for the education and character development of the youngsters under their care.

Practice Teaching:

Students are given sufficient practices in teaching to improve their confidence. Students go to various schools in and around Nazareth for observation classes and practice Teaching .We sincerely thank the Headmasters, Headmistress and teachers of the respective schools who give their whole hearted co-operation to sharpen the qualifies and teaching efficiency of our students.  

Physical Education:

As in studies ,in games and sports too our institute excels. A Sports Meet is held every year in a grand manner and prizes are distributed to the winners. Yogas and asanas are taught. Physical education classes are conducted daily. 

Religious Activities

Scripture classes are conducted .Our students attend the Sunday service and special meetings at St.John’s Cathedral Our students wrote scripture exams conducted by T.N.D.T.A. Students participated in the Bible test conducted by St.Patrick’s Church, Tuticorin and got many prizes.

Extra-Curricular –Activities

A Guide camp is conducted every year by well qualified guide captains.It initiates service mind to our students. First Aid Training and Aids Awareness programme is conducted by the doctors in the nearby hospital. Every year our students visit the Blind School, Deaf and Dumb school and the school  for the mentally reterted children and learnt how they are educated.

Parent-Teacher Association:

Parent –Teacher Association Meetings are held now and then .Parents give their whole hearted co-operation and support for the development of the institute. In our institute we give intensive training to youngsters and mould them into good teachers, who in turn, move out to different parts of India and work in schools imparting the light of knowledge to tiny tots, We earnestly solicit co-operation, help and prayers from the people in the glorious task of turning out of good teachers from our training institute.